One person brake bleeder 

One man brake bleeder

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Pedal Pumper

Pedal Pumper

K-Twist,Patented,new tool,remote start automotive diagnostic tool. Attach main head to ignition key and allows operation of hand held unit from under hood and around most vehicles. One year warranty. Tool can be used to crank,bump,start,run and shut off ignition key on most vehicles.

Use=No start vehicle towed to professional mechanics shop. Tech uses tool with other test tools to check compression on cylinders,relative compression,secondary igniton,fire,injector noid light operation,camshafts turning,distributor rotating,rpm on scanner,fuel pump pressure and flow, pinpoint checks with key on and key off,for powers and grounds such as starter solenoid ign. b+ bump for crank to cam timing,view scope crank and cam sensor wave forms,etc.



Pedal Pumper,Patented,one person brake bleeding tool. Tool to help with bleeding vehicle and automotive hydraulic brakes. Attach large end to brake pedal and attach small end to steering wheel. Lock steering wheel with key or use soft strap to drivers side mirror or seat base. Apply shop or home air hose. 100 lb. to 150 lb. Using supplied approximately 15 ft. hose and valve applies air to extend cylinder and applies brake pedal. Release valve and cylinder relaxes. Allowing pedal to be applied and relaxed from around the vehicle. Allowing bleeding the master cylinder,front brake lines and hoses,rear wheel cylinders,rear calipers. Tool is warranted for one year. The professional brake mechanic to the occasional home maintenance job can enjoy this tool. Auto mechanic tools,for automotive mechanic jobs.






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